Trapped in A U.S. Sanctioned Afghan Love Prison

The Love Prisons of Taliban Law

So, this is not about a metaphoric prison. This is about an actual prison. The point here is that when we think about whether what we did in Afghanistan, and how we withdrew, is right or proper has nothing to with, well, Afghanistan. Not only was the outcome never in…

Games of Hope We Play in the Middle of Trump’s Night

The title is a line from a song by the Alan Parsons Project, Games People Play. It was haunting to me as a child, forecasting a future of middle age when the children are grown and gone, and “nobody…

Polite White Protest Group Seeks Solace and Remorse for Upsetting Democracy

Privileged Tourist-Protesters Take Pictures During Historic Vote

Privileged Tourist-Protesters Snap Selfies During Historic Vote

This just in: Today angry whites storm the barricades at the Capitol Building. Despite a smattering of armed police forces protecting it, they are reported to make it “violently” through four barriers…

Sealing the Victory of Trump’s Gains

An abandoned factory

— “Some of those that burn crosses are the same that hold office” — Rage Against the Machine, Zack de la Rocha when playing live

As VP Mike Pence blessed 11 GOP senators’ defection on January 2, 2021 to what appears to be the…

Why The U.S. Government Hates Their Own Children

Sorry kid, I’ve got other riches to think of
Down on your luck baby, down on your luck

Let’s not talk about the unborn but the already born.

When we look at recent reports in diverse types of modern media, we run across laws that underwrite our uniquely American treatment of children. Whether they are left- or right-wing ideologies hardly…

The Made-For-TV Insurrection versus the Real Police

Always something in the way
Barriers of Our Making

I want to make a substantial correction to the record, or rather a further differentiation based on important comment by reader/writer. I didn’t properly show respect to the actual capital police and criticism January 6 riots/insurrections. When witnessing a couple Capitol Police moving…

The Literal Brainwashing Pledge For Kids Against Bullying

Please Actually Say It Outloud Before You Nix My Simple Solution

Add Anti-Bullying to the Pledge of the Flag
I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

I had an epiphany when I experienced a weird coincidence that happened to me the other day. My thought might have been triggered by a simple solution to a critical social…

To The French: Do Democracy Right or End It Now!

This is not a submarine. It is a baguette, the only weapon of war the French recognize.
Ce n’est pas un submarine! it is a French weapon of war. Photo by Anastasia gezalova on Unsplash

They have nothing on us. They make politics look like a tea party for children instead of an aggressive bloodsport.

The French need to either stop fooling around or end their excuse for what barely passes as democracy.

The French…

Most People Don’t Know of the Socialist Texans Already in Power

Capitalism is over, the state has shut it down
Capitalism is over, This Red State has shut it down - Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

You don’t believe me and think Texas is the most business friendly capitalist state run by the all-red capitalist party. Well, it may be big business friendly, but that doesn’t make it capitalist. It just makes it dependent on the rich and powerful for donations.

People get into power for…

After thinking about the idea of what the ‘systemic’ means in systemic problems or systemic racism, I think I’m getting closer to formulating an understanding, at least my own that I wish to articulate. I’m not there yet, but feel like you’ve presented some great data that shows it clearly…

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Engaged in New Ideas, New recipes, Study of Class, Race and Inequality, Born on the 50th Anniversary of Women's Lib Day

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