The Waif Bias and the Illusion of Western Civilization

Bren Kelly
10 min readSep 25, 2023

Uncovered Artifact Shows Ancient Blacks Super Smart

What is this crap Sigfried? I have no idea but I’m keeping it for kindling. I’ve got more looting to do.
“What is this crap King Sigfred?” “I have no idea, it might a book thing, but I’m keeping it for kindling. I’ve got more looting to do.” [AI appropriating illiterate Anglo-Vikings invading England at the author’s insistence]

It turns out that Blacks in Africa have been hiding their advanced intelligence for almost half a million years. Whites have only recently struggled to evolve mentally to catch up as those of Black African Descent have patiently waited. White in Northeast Europe of Ango-Saxon Descent in particular have compensated by putting up a veneer of stolen authority figures and ideas they appropriated to cover up their insecurity from being underdeveloped. Some professors in Zambia just found the earliest known human created structure deep in Africa and it is almost one half million years old! I kid you not, buildings were invented in Africa.

As somebody of mostly European descent, I have always subscribed any intelligence I have on my white ancestors from “Western Europe.” Western Civilization is rich in philosophy and history I was told. But when I found out my father lied to me all my life (he died a dozen years ago and was kind overall), that I wasn’t actually part “Spanish and French”, but part African black, my perspective shifted a bit.

Now I find out this about the hidden super intelligence of Africans, and I think I have to attribute any intelligence I might have to the super powered genetics of my black enslaved ancestors while my majority white side is just a lumbering idiot (well, not completely, but more on that shortly). It turns out white European historians have really been deceiving us. Big Time!


First of all, when exactly did whites get civilized and superior? Well, it turns out they’ve stolen credit from darker than white people (let’s just call them browns for the sake of clarity so I don’t have to get into all the different terms they used in white America: swarthy, bronze skinned, olive-skinned, tan, Moor-ish, so many, it’s hard to keep track).

It should not come to any black Americans surprise by the way that whites are really inferior and deeply insecure about it. Here’s how it really went. The Viking race that landed in England around 450 AD were looters, pillagers and thieves. Yes, that’s AD, not BC. When we look at the map of what we think of as Western Civilized Europe back then, you’ll find nothing civilized, western or European…



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