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Whiter Gun Rage Is Just the Racial Fabric of America

Black American school children were once Protected by Guns when going to school
Black American school children were once Protected by Guns when going to school --1957 Troops sent to protect black children going to Central High in Arkansas

It’s true, I’m angry as a white male. But perhaps angry in a different way, a moral outrage and not a power-lust-at-all-cost outrage. The NRA tells us that gun rage is just the social fabric of America and what makes us unique and we need to accept it. It’s not the guns, not inanimate objects. It’s our long shared collective history. Maybe it is true, and maybe it’s time we just accept it:

The whiter outrage causing the massacres has deep roots in the fabric of America and can’t be changed.

Between 2012 and 2018 the USA had one mass shooting PER DAY. 1,918 MASS shootings. Not just regular shootings. No other first world developed nation has such routine massacres. A mass shotting is defined as 4 or more people shot by one shooter in one shooting event. Every day — that’s a hell of a statistic. As of June 1, 2022, we’ve had 216 mass shootings this year, ahead of schedule. That’s at least 862 Americans shot so far just in mass shootings. What, surprised? You’re not used to it already?

Of course, US Senator Cruz got real inflamed at an Australian reporter. Cruz has no answer for why America is so exceptional when it comes to gun violence. There are more Americans dying in a week than in all the other first world nations — the European Union and Japan and Korea, and Australia/New Zealand — combined. 863 Americans die PER WEEK from gun violence. There are less or about the same Ukrainian soldiers dying per day right now in their war with Russia. The Ukrainian war has lasted just over 100 days, with the UN estimate at 14200 Ukrainian soldiers dead. So, this 120-a-day to our 123 under one estimate is comparable. And they’re being relentlessly bombed, engaged in full-scale destructive war. What’s out excuse Mr. Cruz?

After Australia had a mass shooting in 1996, the government (boooo!) passed an assault rifle ban and confiscated guns, and then, then nothing. Not one gun massacre since. (Yeeaahhh!) Switzerland, same thing, stricter controls though no ban. One massacre in 2001, now none since, even though men still have guns at home for military readiness.

The more guns we have, the more the violence goes up. Just a coincidence? There are no safety background checks to wait two weeks, like in, well, everywhere else in the world. Everywhere. You can’t walk in and just get a driver’s license so easily as a gun license, even though it is not hard as it is elsewhere. You can’t cut hair in Texas without a license to practice hair cutting. I would rather have a woman with scissors chopping around my head without a license that takes training to get than an 18-year-old grabbing a gun from the online AR-15 assault weapon manufacturer Daniel Defense. Suddenly it’s open street genocide.

Why Senator Ted “$5.6-million-collected-so-far-from-the-NRA” Cruz are there 15.6 deaths of CHILDREN Per Day in America but zero in Japan, and almost none in European and Canadian countries? That is what the Australian journalist was asking him because his European readership honestly want to know.

Which country is not the safest to raise kids in? Do the research first and then stop and think. Why are we so different? 58 people total were killed by gun violence in a single year in China, compared to 6500 children in America. Germany also had around 60 gun deaths a year total — children plus adults. We have 70 gun deaths in two hours. Germany and China represent the “normal” gun death numbers in “civilized countries.” We have around 45,000 gun deaths total. We’re far above average, exceptionally above.

Yet no one can explain this super massive difference except to say it’s the “mental health” of the shooter.

Then I guess by that logic, we are a country full of psychologically imbalanced nut jobs. And those countries are overwhelmingly healthy and stable in their minds and have civilized thoughts. To them, we’re still super violent, barbaric, despite fancy self-driving cars and iPhones, as compared to peaceful like those real first world nations mentioned above. We are living proof indeed of American Exceptionalism, but exceptionally violent. So, what is your explanation for that? For all this violent anger raging away in the US of A? Why are we so, so, so, very, very different in an evil and raging way?

Black people. No, no, no, I don’t mean blacks are using the guns. Black Americans who were violently and brutally enslaved led to a sense of actual uncensored white power by their violent white captors. We weren’t a homogeneous nation for those hundred years like those now other first world nations. White enslavers had to beat black prisoner American slaves daily to get them to work, that was just what a good overseer did — even if the overseer was another black slave.

A few hundred years of beating blacks on a daily basis instills what I would call a culture of violence, whiter violence, and an intolerance to hear people talking back telling those whiters what to do. “I’ll whip who I want, mind your own business!” mentality deeply inculcated daily into a culture — kind of like the right to have a one-man genocide. It is the culture, just like showing up to church every Sunday was a cultural norm, which they did and do — except that was only once a week.

Despite “only” about 30 percent of whites in the Deep South owning slaves, many worked for ones who did, or aspired to. It was the way to wealth. It was keeping up with Joneses. Growing up white and poor meant dreaming of being rich was owning slaves. No dignified Southerner would be without house slaves and farms where the enslaved worked.

But it wasn’t ‘just’ daily horrors of slavery that led to this white frenzy we feel today. It was the vast indignity bestowed by Lincoln freeing all the slaves on January 1, 1863, in THEIR country, in the newly declared CS of A, (Confederate States of America), they, the whiter confederates, were fighting to protect. This set off the rage, this incensed slap in the face, coupled with having to fight armed black American regiments aiming guns and cannons at them.

Yes, the black heavy artillery brigade was a real thing. Can you imagine a group of black Americans loading and aiming a cannon at white confederate soldiers, then blasting the cannon, killing and maiming many of them? I know I can. But the Confederates could not.

So, in 1864 they engaged in the Fort Pillow Massacre. The captured black American Union soldiers were not treated the same as the captured white soldiers (surprise). Instead of following the rules of war, which there were and which the Confederates promised to obey, the black Americans were massacred.

Is that really a surprise? They were giving their lives for their CS of A Constitution, which enshrined the right to own slaves in it, for their newly established country that promised to build them wealth by owning slaves as their right, their god given right!

The vast blow Lincoln had given them. This dual blow of freeing blacks and creating black regiments was by far the most powerful use of American psychological warfare to demoralize and enrage the enemy troops.

But then those enraged confederate enemy whiter troops, their fury compounded by their loss, their way of life and their values enshrined in their constitution crushed and defeated, were brought back into the US of A fold. New seething anger combined with a century plus of routine workplace violence to ‘enhance’ their unique culture and ‘heritage.’

And we are still living with them massacring today. These other civilized nations, they just don’t have this long history of racial rage that’s been practiced daily.



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