White People Power! Being Stripped Away!

(It’s the Worst Time in America to Be a Whiter)

The End of the Oregon Trail
The End of the Oregon Trail — No Seriously, this is a photo from segregationist Oregon a black American would have seen after escaping the South and getting as far away as possible from Dixieland (unattributed, Wikimedia)

Never had white people been under a bigger threat in America and now is perhaps the worst time. They are forced to overarm themselves with big guns, dig bunkers and stockpile them, and constantly scream over the rising voices of black Americans, and now all those other diverse ones, and over children getting forced sex changes. Each decade of each century they have raised their voice incrementally, but it like their numbers, of true whites, are eroding, and they still can’t be heard.

It’s truly a hurtful time to be a whiter in the ole U.S.A.

While it’s true whiter violence has never been on the decline, the greater violence they must commit to make their point takes extra stockpiles of weapons, ones that they are now forced to automate themselves since the ban of bunker stocks, which was a great cheap and easy add on.

Not only that, but they now have to do their own media work. While social media does make it easier to livestream their grocery store murders, school shootings, and insurrections, they now are getting press “resistance” from a “free” media bending to the will of “diversity” to not name or cover the repressed but the repressors — that is the “victims” being shot.

Worse, the press is constantly calling them “lone wolves”, even though militias have always been fragmented since post-civil war. There was never just one “Klan” representing the one cause. The Cause is what inspired, and united in spirit, but not into some mass umbrella convention meeting. The White League, the Black League, the Red shirts, the rifle clubs with distinct chapters, the Proud Boys, the 3 percenters, and many, many others scattered over that long post-civil war period stretching to today from the killing fields of western South Carolina to the corners of eastern whiter Oregon — all acted independently of the “klan”, considered the weakest group even in the late 1800s for hiding their faces (you wouldn’t catch a Red Shirt or a Proud Boy in some sissy pointed hat made from a bedsheet).

There was a unified cause, a unified belief, a unified political platfrom that doesn’t need to be spoken about, put on a website, or made in some policy paper. They got together to express themselves as they saw fit locally.

The media portrays it abstractly today, some kind of vague “white supremacy.” They treat the whiters like they are stupid and can’t form and act in small groups, or as individuals. The allegiance to the cause is real, not abstract. They might all chat in packs online in different e-corners, often made to go underground, made to feel unrecognized, almost like criminals. Today, while black Americans, Muslims (yes Muslim Americans if you can believe it!), and even “quiet” Asian-Americans now get to complain in public, openly. But not whiters, their voice is repressed. They must speak in identity codes.

You possibly don’t know how frustrated this makes the whiters. And now children can get their gender changed, pumped full of hormones and having their parts cut off. It just enrages them more, this disgusting liberal attitude parents force on their children. Just more flower power (which is code for white liberal weakness). No wonder why the whiters are needing more protection by way of guns.

What happened to their America, the one they rightfully claimed and cleared for their people? What happened to their simple beliefs of God, the flag, one nation under God, with liberty, justice and the right to own slaves? You have no idea how hard it was to have to repress the black vote after the war and try to get some semblance of decency back. The whiters are not disconnected from American history. Why do you think they always wave the flag, in conventions, on the back of their pickup trucks? They know their heritage!

That’s why they don’t need some CRT junk.

Senator Butler defended two white farmers in court in 1876 before he was elected. The white farmers complained of being denied free (free!) passage on Main Street of Hamburg, South Carolina. Unbelievable, when the local chapter of the National Guard, all blacks now, assigned by northerners, were parading on Independence Day. Excuse me, what? I don’t recall blacks creating Independence Day. Were they really celebrating U.S. Independence Day on Main Street in South Carolina?

In court, Esquire Butler (previously Confederate “general” Butler who fought to keep black slaves in the Civil War) demanded the black federally appointed (by carpetbaggers) armed soldiers turn over their arms to him. He got elected to the U.S. Senate because of this leadership for standing up for whiter rights.

But still those black soldiers refused! Hundreds of white paramilitary members came to town and attacked the federal armory, surrounding these black National guard soldiers. It was bad enough for defeated white farmers to see these black soldiers and townsfolk celebrating, but for a defeated “general” as they called Butler (really a colonel) to bear the thought of seeing these previous enslaved negros they owned celebrating American Victory and Freedom Day on the soil of the Confederate States of America!

Recently freed slaves who knew nothing, armed with guns and sent down police them, the defeated whiters –why, indignity too much I declare! The whiters had to kill two of them on the street, including the town (black!) marshal, and later had to “dispose” (with bullets) five black ‘soldiers’ that had been policing over them before Butler’s crew had taken the federal Guards prisoner. Point taken — hand over your guns when asked.

Future Senator Tillman, got a chance to help Mr. Butler, and recalled decades later that “the leading white men” had decided “to seize the first opportunity that the Negroes might offer them to provoke a riot and teach the Negroes a lesson” by “having the whites demonstrate their superiority by killing as many of them as was justifiable.” (They killed a hundred for the record in two massacres). Doesn’t that philosophy sound familiar? (Not a dog-whistle or signal echoed today, but direct language unfiltered of a U.S. Senator not afraid to speak his mind and run from the cameras.) Like it could be today’s rallying cry? All those unnecessary dead national guardsmen because they don’t listen to whiters.

No, you don’t understand what leadership is! Listen again to Democrat Senator Tillman who was required (because northern Republicans are an uppity bunch who did not listen to Democrats after their Union victory) to explicitly say on the floor of Congress in the U.S Senate in 1901: “We of the South have never recognized the right of the negro to govern the white man, and we never will. We have never believed him to be equal to the white man.”

You’re still not listening to the white nation’s leaders on the “other side” of the aisle (remember, there’s good people on both sides). President and Democrat, Southern-born Woodrow Wilson had to segregate blacks out of white offices, screened “Birth of Nation” at the White House in 1915 that cited Wilson’s own first book on (white) American history:

“The policy of the [Lincoln Republican] congressional leaders wrought…a veritable overthrow of civilization in the South […] in their determination to ‘put the white South under the heel of the black South.’” The white men [Southern Patriot whiters] were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation…until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the southern country.”

“Veritable Empire of the South” — he was expressing himself metaphorically, inspiringly, as great president and Yale trained historian, in whiter spiritual language. His principal belief as a Democrat is pro-KKK, that is not a literal empire but a majestic one of brotherhood. Why do you think FDR, the undersecretary segregated the navy under Wilson; it was to score political points with the boss. Because he too recognized whiter greatness.

But their betrayal against them didn’t stop.

In 1948, Democratic Senator Strom Thurmond ran under a Dixiecrat platform because Democrat Truman threatened to promote civil rights (a traitor to his party), which no Democrat had done before, taking a Republican agenda item and platform position. He said, “There’s not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the n&*%§r race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.”

Later when rejoining the Democrat Party, Senator Thurmond and colleagues in 1956 wrote the “Southern Manifesto.” He was obliged to. Republican Eisenhower (not listening to whiters!) was readying to pass a civil rights bill that Truman was made to put aside. The “Southern Manifesto,” signed by about 86 (!) House members from the Congress and Senate, 98 percent Democrats but with 2 Republicans who had come to their whiter senses finally on this horrid civil rights issue, accused the Supreme Court of “clear abuse of judicial power” and promised to use “all lawful means to bring about a reversal of this decision which is contrary to the Constitution and to prevent the use of force in its implementation.”

Let me interpret U.S. Democrat Senators, with Thurmond making the initial draft, led the opposition against “Ike” and Ike’s civil rights bill that was inspired by the “Brown” decision in 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education). (I know, right, even the Supreme Court was thinking Brown and not white): It wasn’t the politicians like Strom leading them; it was the “Massive Resistance” to the federal court orders requiring school integration, already being practiced across the South that caused the Manifesto. Give the people credit! Strom, FDR, Wilson, Butler, Tillman — all were just listening to the people and giving them what they wanted. If they want their guns, let them have them — don’t let politics come between an angry whiter and his rifle.

The whiters know how to act independently, in groups or like young “lone wolves” looking for acceptance by the greater spiritual brotherhood, out to prove themselves worthy of belonging to that kinship, like human hunter Kyle Rittenhouse who visited with ex-president Trump at Mar-a-Lago (“really a nice young man” Trump said of him — no, seriously, he said that). They know their heritage, their American legacy, how to act independently and form militias to protect their rights.

They don’t have to be given guns like the black American soldiers in 1876 who didn’t know how to shoot back. Butler said to the black guardsmen, Give up your guns! Why didn’t you listen? Why didn’t they listen to any of these men who represented the real American people, erasing their work, like Truman erased undersecretary of the navy FDR’s segregationist work by letting black and white service men mix on ships (ew! — that came out wrong) or making them study together in schools (you see how poorly that turned out — my brother who taught a few blocks away in Buffalo from the recent massacre told me the school was 98 percent black Americans).

But they are still glad they have such leaders like Senator Cruz, and Governor Abbott, who’ll be meeting in Houston with the NRA after the school shooting in Texas on May 24, 2022. Trust me, he’ll listen to what the whiters say there.

They’ll blame the shooter who brought the message, not the leaders who made it.

He’ll emerge to use his dwindling but unbreakable minority position to defend whiter rights and not let their gun rights be eroded to leave them defenseless, like school children. There are still a few good men left in Texas that are listening to the last of the real whiters (before it turns all Brown).



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