Well, There Goes Bing Off to Florida

Bren Kelly
6 min readNov 20, 2023

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot AI Commandeered by DeSantis

Ask Me Anything That won’t white children’s feelings, from my chat with Microsofts new Co-Pilot AI
Ask Me Anything [That won’t white children’s feelings, from my chat with MS new Co-Pilot AI]

I just tried using the new Microsoft AI Co-Pilot when I updated my browser. Apparently, an Anti-Woke Floridian white man is the pilot. It is not allowed to hurt my feelings. I used AI a bunch, to create images to sort of match my topics. But this is the first time I’ve seen a banned list. It asked me to generate an image, then Bing, it wouldn’t do it, hurting my feelings. Wow, even Microsoft is constrained by DeSantis and the GOP.

Let me explain. I tend to write about difficult subjects, especially for right-wing Southern conservative white people above all, and I would hurt their feelings is they considered the truth behind. Slavery, lynchings, massacres, incarceration rates, school vouchers — all of these issues and more describe a one-way picture of power in America. They all involve white conservative repression of black Americans using the instruments of government power. So, what I am supposed to do, show pictures of puppies kissing babies in a field of daises.

Look, I’m sorry if all my research has not uncovered an instance of black power in lynchings. My working structural definition of ethnic lynching and massacre is the following: a group of people from one ethnicity go out with a legally unproven allegations with weapons in an organized group to hurt or kill someone from another ethnic group unfairly, acting outside the law, or extrajudicially, and not getting punished.

You see, there could be an example a group of black Jewish women going out to capture a Chinese Christian woman to beat and kill them. It could be. If I had encountered such an example in American history. Or it could be something more reasonable and probable: a group of black men making an allegation then arming themselves with weapons who organize themselves and head out to seize the accused white man and kill him brutally with no legal repercussions. However, I yet to encounter that as well.

I looked case by case through historical details throughout America at the underlying action taken have discovered the case so far after analysis fits one pattern. It is white men making a legally unproven allegation against a black American (man, men, woman), then heading out in an organized group with weapons and killing and injuring them (or…



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