“These Vaccines Are Always Voluntary and Never Forced”

And Other Tall Tales and Flat Out Lies Told By GOP Leaders During the Pandemic

Founding Father Seen Wielding a Needle to Protect Troops in First Mass Science Experiment and is Dubbed First CDC Chief

Yes America, our Texas politicians are purposely and professionally feigning ignorance.

The title is a direct quote from our great Super-Governor Greg Abbott. It’s true. As head of the Texas State Government, he wasn’t forced. But he did voluntarily get the vaccine. He exercised his freedom of choice to get it. And urges everyone else not to. That’s just the beautiful mind-campaign Texas politicians and other GOP governor push. That’s the way they’re making it seem.

Another great politician in Texas Senator Ted Cruz who goes by the Vaccines are Voluntary great. Vaccines are never forced. “And I don’t believe anyone should be forced to take the vaccine. This is your personal choice.”

I say purposefully deceiving you because the law is, in Texas, that all students entering public schools get vaccinated. In other words, to Mr. Cruz, a Harvard trained lawyer, and his wife, some hedge fund manager type at Goldman Sachs, it is voluntary because their elitist rich girls go to super private expensive schools in Houston.

In all fairness to Mr. Cruz, he might not encounter the law of ordinary people. When he’s not busy escaping the suffering of millions during the Texas winter blast in 2021 to some hyper rich resort during the pandemic when his constituents were literally dying, Mr. Super-Elite Cruz might not encounter the ordinary pressure of parents.

See, in Texas, all students entering public schools must be vaccinated. (OK, in the whole country, you got me there). It’s not a choice, it’s not a suggestion, it’s, what’s called, the law. The Law. Can you imagine a man trained in law at Harvard but not smart enough to change it as a leading legislature though he seems against it totally? He should ask his governor.

The fact is most non-elite people who are not rich or in power don’t have the pleasure of deciding not to send their children to school.

Instead, everyday parents like myself must go through the agony of jabbing their six-month-old babies on the start of a vaccine passport that must be stamped for years to come. Most working families paying their mortgages or rent and already paying for public schools don’t have the ability to avoid vaccines like our latest Republican politicians who can afford private schools.

Of course, they themselves chose to be vaccinated. As leaders they certainly understand the importance of vaccines. They are all on record before the covid hurricane hit as not overthrowing the vaccine regime with new laws. Not once have any of them proposed a new law to get rid of all vaccines. (OK, I didn’t google that one.) In fact, their children probably have been vaccinated before going to school, as the doctors they take their children to are probably decently intelligent and not super-elitist right-wing fanatics who advise against vaccines and are pro-home schooling their own kids. (Well, the docs are probably elitist, let’s not push the ordinary Joe thing on them completely.)

It’s a shame when the politicians don’t understand the basic needs and basic agonies that their constituents and voters go through on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve had to watch as my wife struggled over giving our babies vaccines. Every time I took them back to get vaccinated in the following years from mumps, measles, and what not, she always struggled with it. But we got it done. Passport for vaccines stamped, our kids are vaccinated and in public schools. This is just a fact working parents have to go through. Since 1900, when have the states required children vaccinated before starting school and US Supreme Court approved of in a 1905 decision. (They don’t like looking back at history.)

In Texas, a previous governor turned president, Mr. “W” Bush, had nannies to watch his children. One of his nannies even became an assistant secretary in his administration. While Mr. Bush never spoke out openly against vaccines, being an elitist with nannies, he probably had the ability to homeschool. Owning a baseball team and inheriting oil money gives you options. You can afford to appeal like a spinner of down-home yarns while chatting over a beer when your kids are in the best colleges and you yourself got into Yale while being a straight C student.

The fact of the matter is the robust courage and bravery our politicians on the right have displayed in speaking up against vaccines and for freedom is actually a bunch of trash talk and garbage. They do NOT practice what they preach, for sure.

They goddamn well know the law and they goddamn well know they are vaccinated themselves. (Sorry for swearing but my vaccinated kids are in bed). They’re children were first in line. They won’t even have the courage to admit they were vaccinated until they get Covid. Sorry, not actually admit or say so, instead someone ‘uncovered’ that Mr. Abbott is already vaccinated and getting special treatment with antibodies. The most elite treatment money can buy.

The most elitist politicians are really GOP Republicans. They can afford it.

The last president bragged about his billions and how smart he was as a businessman. They have nannies, they get special treatment on the medical side through government welfare healthcare coverage. It’s just that they seem eager to run or re-run for a day job that goes against their elitist rich aspirations. Easy to speak out against welfare when you don’t have to ever be on it, and against vaccines when you kids are in private schools.

Their political goal is simple yes profoundly dangerous: fool all the people all the time, or at least the poor uneducated white redneck trash that they need to brainwash constantly. (Sorry Arkansas and Alabama, I was talking about parts of Texas. I know your unvaccinated are dying, too.) Their same followers who are now dying in their crammed ICU units. Or the small time Texas politicians like H. Scott Apley’s who don’t get vaccinated and died of it because he thought following the advice of Mr. Abbot and Costello Cruz would put them in good graces, and he could overcome councilman of Dickson to Congressman.

Just remember one important thing: They are liars. The law is law, vaccine law they have not tried to overturn, and you, your kids, your grandmother have been getting vaccinated for over a century.

Hell, even George Washington pushed mandatory inoculation while fighting for our freedom! The First Mass Inoculation in our history, the first year of our history. Martha, Tom Jefferson, Franklin all lined up to get it. Science was the fashion back then among our leaders, along with Freedom.

George W. (W for Washington, the original W.) said, “the frustrated Commander-in-Chief wrote, “I would wish to have the small Pox intirely [sic] out of Philadelphia.”” Oh, if modern governors would stop censoring history books, what they could learn.

Well…Dammit, if it’s good enough for the founding father of our country to push science and move his troops away from the plague, it’s good enough for me!

Rock on George, rock on!



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