The White Wave

Bren Kelly
11 min readOct 11, 2022

Open Supremacist Signaling During 2022 Elections

The Bailey Wave, they call it in Illinois.
The Bailey Wave, they call it in Illinois. This is the type of gesture to the crowd that looks a little zieg-heil-ish to some. [‘courtesy’ the AP press]

“The Jewish community themselves have told me that I’m right,” Bailey said.

Apparently, no one in the “Jewish community” even talked to this fool. Bailey couldn’t tell anyone who specifically he talked to in that community and was merely pulling a fast-Trump, verifying his racist comment with a “they told me themselves.” Let’s not be “ignorant” like him and discuss some common German supremacists like this one being tossed about this election season.

Darren Bailey, a GOP state senator who is trying to unseat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Jew. That’s just a fact. But he is also ‘famous’ for his special wave. And I know this is reminiscent of the Nazi salute, but just a little bit different to make for plausible deniability.

Look, my uncle escaped Nazi Germany, as a child. He was half Russian and half Jewish, not a good combo for a young boy in the early 1930s. I studied German in high school, then went to Germany and actually walked around East Berlin under the communist’s watchful eye when our class passed through the gates from the West to the East, behind the Iron current. Then we visited a concentration camp. From there I went on studying more Nazi symbolism, studied in Germany. So, I’m telling you, they are definitely using those Nazi references on purpose, floating them out into the…



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