The White European Civilization Nightmare

Bren Kelly
7 min readSep 13, 2023

A Quick Florida Civics Test for Black Americans — Please Answer

First Student Going to Study DeSantis’ new Western Civilization Curriculum in Florida
First Student Going to Study DeSantis’ new Western Civilization Curriculum in Florida [wiki commons — is that mom holding a purse?]

Uh-oh, DeSantis is at is again. He’s making Florida more white. Having erased AP black American history and LGBTQ children's books, and any discussion of “gayness”, he is now pushing his “Western Canon” literature idea, which is a front for a new exam, the CLT, that is basically one for White Christians.

Let’s pause and review white Western European Civilization (WEC) and then see what was left out. Hopefully, we can make some recommendations and you can fill in a large gap of knowledge I have. Although WEC has a lot of greatness, its genocides might be the greatest in the world.

Having been raised North white for decades, and then finally studying white American racism against black Americans, I can tell you white people have a lot to be ashamed of. There is no balance and equilibrium or equivalence that can be achieved I’ve yet found, and thus I’m asking you to contribute so we crowdsource the answers. First, white men have written current history, so of course you are going to read a rosy picture — a lot of victories and triumphs in wars, a lot of wealth building, new technologies, proud laws, and brilliant principles.

But what are the real numbers missing? We need some measurements in this triumphalist narrative. We need to respect some ideas of science in this test. Before we jump over to Europe, let’s take a brief look at what we are up against.

The glorious American conservative truth is the opposite when it comes to numbers. From 1834 to 1981, no group of white men that killed and slaughter one or a group of black Americans, who were accused of something that later turned out to be not true, was captured, put on trial, and then found guilty and put in jail for those crimes. None. There is also no group of black men who set out with weapons to catch a white man or men they accused of some injustice (like raping a black woman), then killing the falsely accused white man and his friends who had nothing to do with it. None, at least that I know of.

So please advise me on this as well. But that prolonged period of white group extrajudicial murder produced over 15,000 deaths of innocent black American men (and some black women to be fair). That’s number could be…



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