The Unified News Hour Retires at Long Last

Bren Kelly
6 min readNov 16, 2022

Host of PBS Stepping Down from “White Bafflement Disease”

Racists Ghosts of America’s Divide [picture created by AI for the author]

After 13 years as head of the News Hour on PBS, a widely regarded and highly respected source of news for rational Americans and inside the beltway types, Judy Woodruff is stepping down. Woodruff admits to Jane Pauly, host of CBS Sunday Morning interviewing her, that she has been a journalist all her life and yet still has not figured out “Why the Nation Is So Divided?” In other words, she’s failed at her job.

Or she succeeded at her job. As the chief anchor and symbol of objective news reporting, her job, and her employer, the U.S. taxpayer, who they get part of their funding from, is the head disseminator of the Northern White Narrative. Her job has been to speak the truth of America from a point of unity that the North believes in. A narrative that holds the country together, but one based on a lie, that we are united, that we were ever United.

She says now she wants to spend her time figuring out this perplexing question of why we’re so divided. “Why are we having a hard time talking to each other? How did we get to this place? And why we are here — where we are right now? And can we heal?” Well, I’m here to help.

The answers are easy to Ms. Woodruff’s closing questions that she wants to spend the rest of her life on are easy if she stops speaking her narrative of Northern Unity, that the white media started forming after winning the Civil War. So, here’s a start for her so she can find her way to hearing the voice of the South.


1. We’ve never been talking to each other. Really, who would want to talk to white mobs who literally burned innocent black men at the stake, in 1890, 1900, 1932, 1935, while thousands of whites watched, then cut off the appendages and auction them off or pieces of the man’s liver?

Barbaric atrocities like that went on from 1870–1960s with no innocent black American man ever allowed due process by the federal government. The Federal government refused to enforce the constitutional right to a fair trial or to enforce the constitutional rights of black Americans by making sure they could all vote until 1965. That’s correct: the U.S. laws were never federally applied or enforced for over a hundred years when it…



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