The Simple Political Spectrum Test — HUD Rorschach Questionnaire

Where Do You Really Stand in America?

President Joes Wilmington Deleware — What do you see?
The Bide Rorschach Test — Wilmington Delaware — How do you interpret this picture of the President’s town? [photo from of Wilmington local government]

If you are wondering where you are on the political spectrum, I’ve drafted this easy one question test to find out. You may of course disagree with the results, and, as this is a draft, I would like your feedback into why you disagree, what can be improved, so future questions and this one can be used to more accurately get a sense of where Americans stand. (Full disclosure, I belong to no party, am not funded by “dark money,” but I would like to be, so please advise how I can get connected to poll people on the internet using that money, as polling is more profitable than trolling.) Anyway, best of luck!

First some background on this one issue:

“The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development was created on September 9, 1965, to allow the federal government to tackle urban problems including substandard and deteriorating housing in a coordinated manner.” As part of an initiative begun under President John F. Kennedy and then brought into existence by President Lyndon B. Johnson after signing the civil rights bills of 1964 and 65, to show he cared about black people by putting his money where his mouth is, or at least the government’s taxpayer money.

“Why Was the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Created? HUD was created as the federal agency to address the country’s housing needs, improve the nation’s communities, and enforce fair housing laws.”

So, what do you think, why was HUD really created? Go by your gut instinct, your first impression on this multiple choice question. No need to write the answer down or reveal to anyone since the results are for you and you alone.

A) HUD was founded to limit and contain blacks Americans into one concentrated area to prevent white area home prices from deteriorating.

B) HUD was invented to help black Americans find places to live up North and out west who migrated from the South but were prevented by sundown laws and then redlining for living in white towns.

C) HUD was created to allow well politically-connected white owners the opportunity to buy apartment blocks where they can receive subsidized government money the general public can’t track to hide greater profit margins while paying off their government backed investment with that same taxpayer money but could also charging some rent — rent that may be controlled or “fixed” but at least they can pocket, too, or pay for the maintenance man for upkeep, who generally is hard to find, even when you put a ticket in. (Or, in the words of HUD itself, “HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants.” See, you thought I was making that stuff up: )

D) HUD was created to pen blacks in to contain and control them, or, in the words of Young Jeezy: “Like animals, they lock us in cages.”

E) All of the above.

Congratulations on this new sample test and thanks for taking it. Now let’s find out how you did and where you stand on the American political spectrum.

1. If you quickly answered E, you are probably a healthily skeptical cis-white American who is one of the few left who hasn’t fled to Canada; or, one who knows that Thomas Jefferson was plumped up by a small group of ultra-radical whites to write the Declaration of Independence to make it palatable to white slave-owning southern aristocrats and then gave his draft to an elitist pacificist Quaker to correct who then himself freed his own slaves afterwards, unlike Jefferson; or, a normal black American.

2. If you clicked the link to see if the government could really do such a thing in C, but had a suspicion it could as it loves to fund corporations with taxpayer money, then you are most like a white liberal or progressive; or, you could be an overly-educated black American who may think too much and reflect on your hesitation to pick E, which you know to be intuitively correct, are still a liberal but reasonably appearing Democrat, who sounds measured and wants to run for office or head of the department or other prominent position using your intellect and education, but still not yet in centrist mode.

3. If you felt “forced” to pick A, B, or C but really didn’t want to, though you know you need to because it will you have to be considered diverse-accepting, then you are a center-left white, or possibly raised in an upscale Latino neighborhood.

4. If you felt mildly resentful at having to pick one of these because the test was designed to make you feel racist, but still considered C as a good option, because you saw a more profitable investment opportunity you missed that only increases over time because you can raise rents while receiving stable government subsidies, then you are a moderate centrist Republican who would vote for Joe Biden, since he understands and that’s why he signed the Infrastructure Bill but not he John Lewis Voting Rights Act, since he needs white money on his side.

5. If you picked C right away without hesitation, and thought this is true because you own some apartment blocks that are paid off, and it served as a reminder to sell them for profit to some moderate Republicans who just took the same test but hadn’t thought of this idea of investment, and know you can easily convince them since they are “primed” to buy, then you’re a solidly conservative Republican, who mildly believes in God when needed at public events, but not at the country club, and spends on average one Sunday a month yachting on one of the coasts.

6. If you really don’t get this whole test and thought it was some CRT garbage, but picked D because you laughed a bit and thought non-ironically, “Good, that’s where they belong, in cages,” and then started polishing your AR-15 and Google-mapped where those housing blocks are, you’re a whiter right-wing supremacist who doesn’t see himself as extremist at all, as that’s just a sissy label of liberal snowflakes, and the truth is you’re a red-blooded Real American, and this is your country, yours brothers! We’re not going to give it over to them! Ever!! Reload the chamber cause I’m coming to take back our country!

Wow, whew, I can really feel their aggression just writing about that last one, I need to get some water or sip a latte.



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