The Leftover Scrap of Voting Rights Act in Flames, Again

Bren Kelly
6 min readNov 21, 2023

How Liberal Whites Again Constantly Do Nothing for Black Americans

Black Lawyers and Scholars circa 1940 Plotting To Save Democracy, Again
Black Lawyers and Scholars circa 1940 Plotting to Save Democracy, Again

Sorry, I’m a bit upset about this latest decision to destroy black American voting rights of 1965. At least I get to experience some real history. Biden didn’t have time to pass the John Lewis Bill. Does he really represent tepid white liberals who can’t make a passionate effort to protect black voters? I’m afraid so. It’s been a long odyssey for them of constantly avoiding and ducking black power.

But they might have to face it again. It looks very clear now in hindsight, again, that America has had to rely on black Americans being active to protect democracy. Maybe the white liberal illusion of doing something against the violent and ceaseless attack will finally be destroyed. Biden’s polls are already precipitously dropping with black Americans, so there’s hope they will finally break off and have real democracy loving people follow them.

Here’s what just happened. Here’s how the article in NYTimes describes this latest blow to Black Vote Matters people:

“A federal appeals court moved on Monday to drastically weaken the Voting Rights Act, issuing a ruling that would effectively bar private citizens and civil rights groups from filing lawsuits under a central provision of the landmark civil rights law.”

The MAGA conservatives have seen this coming. They’re the ones endlessly planning, acting, and funding the destruction of it. Or, as they would call, making America better (great again). While liberals in Congress and the White House have been busy over the last six decades backing down and caving in, obviously, as they are afraid to enforce a gag order on Trump that he loves to break daily and obsessively.

The MAGAs never cease to amaze with the obsessive hatred and fixation on minorities, especially black Americans. This latest victory will next go the Supreme Court. Let’s see if the Trump appointed judges in the supermajority will override the Trump appointed judges in the Federal court who just decided who upheld the previous conservative judges ruling. Someone in the article says, “I seriously doubt the Court will uphold those decisions.” Really? Are you kidding?



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