Tepid Dems Lash Out with Wet Noodle on Abortion

Bren Kelly
7 min readAug 15, 2022

Childish View on Diversity Animates No One

The Demorcatic Party Lays out its roadmap to its constituents
The Democratic Party lays out its roadmap to its constituents — Photo by BBC Creative on Unsplash

Oh no, a Republican candidate with a view that is “too extreme”, whatever shall we do? Maybe I’ll hide under a blanket, or a napkin. I hope these monsters don’t get me. By now, you can rely on Democratic messaging to throw weak tea on a blazing fire. It’s tiring for me to say after two Trump elections the same thing: The Democrats are preparing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. So, I won’t. Instead, I’ll make a first attempt at something different:

Appealing to diversity doesn’t mean these disparate voters lack a common cause in their internal agency.

Or common outrage. There just has to be some real reason behind this consistently poor messaging. “Dangerous” republicans? What, yeah, they armed themselves, planted pipe bombs and tried to overthrow the government, the fair vote. Did you miss that? Hint: they like being dangerous and aren’t even shy about it. The Democrat messaging machine will certainly miss this ‘golden chance’ to fully throttle the GOP when their Supreme Court just gleefully cancelled the rights of women by nixing Roe v. Wade after 20 years of planning and plotting openly.

This is something to really get outraged about. My god, it’s like having a five-year-old lob a softball in an unarm pitch over the plate during a bases loaded play in the World Series and seeing Babe Ruth or A-Rod hesitate with a look on his face that says, “Gosh kid, I don’t want to smack this one hard, I might hurt the little tike. I think I’ll bunt.” What, do you want to win or not? That kid catches the ball, you lose.

So, what do these brilliant campaign managers for the Democratic Leaders do when handed this easy play to win the Stanley Cup of elections? You guessed it, wait until the disqualified three players and the goalie sitting out for 2 minutes in the penalty box for playing extremely rough come back so they can play fair. They pass the puck back and forth to run out the clock in the hope the bruisers will get out to play “fairly” this time.

The right to abortion is stripped away, completely by some states, can’t you see into the heart, the commonality of your base? Or do you think, good shepherd Nancy and Chuck, that your base are a bunch of radical nuts, that the 15…



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