Socialist Governor of Texas Abbott Strikes First Day of 2022

Anti-Capitalist Governor of Texas Rides Again (at least for now)

Socialist Texas Governor Abbott Chins Down Dogs by new 2022 Law
Yes, I’m All Chained Up Now Governor Abbott, Happy? Photo by Hossein Ghaem on Unsplash

Socialist Governor Greg Abbott once again is restraining freedom of us Texans. I’ve written about this before in 2021 as per link below. But he won’t stop it. Even in an election year.

The very first day of the year of our lord, 2022 his anti-freedom law came into force. As he has gone beyond humans this time, limiting Texans best friend, their dog. Dogs have to be chained starting on the first of 2022. As if a leash law wasn’t enough. As though a fence wasn’t enough. Every rancher and cattleman can now expect to be fined for their working dogs doing their job. He has once against constrained Economic Freedom.

He is deaf to his core constituents. They must not think or care. Last year, he ignored the police. Yes, you heard me, he ignored the police who recommended that he not pass a law allowing unlimited restrictions for gun control so that irresponsible citizen, mentally abusive spouses, and immigrant criminals smuggling drugs can be armed and dangerous. The police actually told him, Don’t Do It! Meaning, Don’t Arm the Criminals!

He did it anyway, knowing no matter what he does, he’ll continue to get Billy Bob’s vote.

Some internet critics believe he was actually supporting unrestricted capitalism in the face of his critics like yours truly who were posting on his socialist tendencies. The Free Purchase Gun Law for Unlimited License-less Carry (as it’s not called) was done so that anyone who lost their job during the pandemic could now earn money by hunting down abortion seeking women and their enablers by getting that $10,000 of award money he offered.

Some were even thinking he was helping just released prisoners to motivate themselves to free market habits by pursuing the big ten-thousand-dollar bounty when released by hunting down, in pre-crime or pre-cog Minority Report fashion, women who were thinking or talking of abortion murder and getting abortion death pills in the mail from Mexicans (true story by the way). Once again undermining American pharmacists’ jobs and off-shoring Texan jobs to Mexican pharmacists.

Some even speculated that he was trying to deflect the anger of those same ranchers though, who had to chain their dogs the first of 2022 so could hunt down these girls by still riding free on their unleashed horses. At least until the first day of 2023, when they’ll have to chain them down, too.

Engaged in New Ideas, New recipes, Study of Class, Race and Inequality, Born on the 50th Anniversary of Women's Lib Day, seeking injustices.

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Bren Kelly

Bren Kelly

Engaged in New Ideas, New recipes, Study of Class, Race and Inequality, Born on the 50th Anniversary of Women's Lib Day, seeking injustices.

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