Saving the Divisive Biden Tax Plan to Ruin America

Joe Manchin’s Insight Saves a Divided Country

Say His Name Three Times While Looking in the Mirror: Tax Man, Tax Man, Tax Man, Manchin. Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Joe Manchin denounced the Biden tax plan as being “divisive.” Manchin is the new favorite elitist villain of working-class Americans and Democrats. The blue collar and white-collar Americans that make under $400,000 a year, or they 99 percent, will be divided from the top one percent. It is vastly unfair Mr. Manchin thinks.

Manchin is out to help Biden end this type of divisiveness built into legislation before it becomes out of control.

Finally, a Democrat notices the sore spot missing: empathy. Manchin states today, on October 27, 2021, that the “connotation” of the plan is to divide America. This last-minute insight could save Biden from a terrible mistake. Biden’s plan is to use the Democrats to bulldoze his agenda through Congress via a Budget and tax plan that lacks empathy for a certain class of people, and creating a deep division. All because no care and consideration were not given to people’s ‘feelings.’ In steps Mr. Manchin with a plan to correct the agenda using the simple ability of human empathy.

Mr. Manchin is sorry for the 1 percent, having spent the last forty years climbing the political ranks so his family, his wife and daughter, can collect over a $1 million dollars a year from some their coal trading company, according to a new report. He has built up vast wealth for his family, so a vote for the Democratic plan would essentially divide his family and himself from the ordinary Americans in West Virginia, putting him alone at the top.

Obviously, his wife and daughter would be unfairly targeted. They make over $400,000 a year, targeted by this Biden tax legislation in a bracket that would cause them undue stress. If he were to pass it, he might even find the locks changed on his door when he goes back to his mansion.

Like other in his richest class of 1 percent elites, he might find himself divided. The hordes of ordinary Americans in the 99% making below $400,000 might be banging at the gated community gates, demanding more. They might want in. Manchin is in the poorest state during election season, so one could imagine the horde demanding even more taxes from ‘hard working’ white privileged millionaires like him. He would feel substantial pressure to have to give more tax breaks once this bill passes. They would surround his family. Like a West Virginia zombie apocalypse.

Perhaps he’s right though. Manchin has the gift of empathy to not let division turn in to riots. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong, even the tiniest minority like in his daughter’s economic class. The “connotation” — his key phrase — that society is punishing people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Joe Manchin and the West Virginia coal barons for creating a lot of low paying jobs below where the minimum wage should be, at $24 when adjusted for inflation, is wrong.

These working-class people should be grateful of his work as Governor and U.S. Senator at keeping the minimum wage repressed to $7.25 and hour, a third of where it should be and half of what is asked for now, the so-called $15 dollar demand. His contribution goes unappreciated and now he will be divided unfairly? If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation, two in every three jobs would be cut. Companies, unable to make substantial profit, would go under, and those $24 dollars an hour jobs would dry up. Thus, it would be two of three jobs, it would end up being three of three jobs, plus the owners and shareholders.

Seeing his tycoon friends feel divided is as hard on him. He knows. Sadness grips him and reason sets in. He understands the tax code far better than me no doubt. He knows the rich like Bill Gates might not be so philanthropic without tax incentives. Bill Gates saw his wealth increase by more than $70 BILLION since retiring — not working and not creating any jobs by not working — and he may not want to give so much to malaria victims in Africa if forced into excessive taxes.

Mr. Gates’ foundation uses the tens of billions to massively grow investments, and then it uses some of the interest from those gains to give to develop critical drugs needed to end malaria.

Most people don’t understand how philanthropy works. More gains through investment means more billions, which means more interest to spend on critical diseases of his choosing. I can imagine a scenario where the vastly increasing wealth of these philanthropic super funds stop giving their earned interest to PBS programming as they become resentful at being targeted and divided.

Can you imagine the horror of having your charitable trust fund set up to build wealth so the poor can watch Sesame Street and Nature programs paid for from the ‘earned’ interest to these increasing funds only be taxed? No more Frontline and PBS ancestry documentaries. No more of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon charging for PBS programming created with that interest (and taxpayer dollars), which could cost Amazon jobs and profit, hurting shareholder retirement funds. It’s a domino effect.

(Just a side note these funds composed of stocks, bonds and liquid assets like cash are called sometimes “capital stores” where the rich can “shop” for cheap loans to borrow from to live off at a nearly tax free income.)

Oh, the greed of the 99%. It’s infuriating! Their complete lack of empathy is dividing America worse than any Trump rally. They are demanding to get from taxes what they aren’t allowed to earn in repressed wages. How is that fair?

As Mr. Manchin said, he just cannot support such division in our society. We in the 99% need to “all pull together and grow together” he says in his reason not to support this divisive tax bill.

It’s time for the 99% to suck up and save, cut back on our reckless spending, then we can afford eyeglasses for our children and rising dental care that isn’t covered. We need to “pull together” with Manchin as his group of lobbyists representing billionaires funneling millions to him through his wife and daughter. How do they feel? How do you think feel as their yacht payments might not be made? Or their private rocket programs (aka the Super Space yacht race) could be hurt.

We Americans are indeed ungrateful to the jobs and money created, as Mr. Manchin says. He does not “like the connotation that we’re targeting different people.” Yes, the rich and super rich and the Senators’ families are indeed “different people”. We are treating them unfairly. We are targeting them for their difference in socio-economic class. America was born with the promise of protecting the smallest of minorities from the mob rule mentality of the majority.

My god, can you believe Biden is targeting them just because they have “unrealized gains?”

Maybe Manchin will pass a new amendment to the Equal Opportunity (EEOC) laws to create a new protected class, a group called simply “different people.” They, rich white males and their families, can exist alongside the other divided and discriminated protected classes: trans, gay, lesbian, black, Latinos. They should be able to sue the government for wealth-based discrimination, being targeted for “division” as he wisely notes in his “connotation.”

Singled out for their philanthropic pursuits by liberal lawmakers who have unfairly picked them out by noticing how they give interest donations made from their growing protected asset foundation funds. Those 700 hundred super rich families are being even more “targeted” in the new bill, a minority in the “different people” minority, and they need to sue. It’s discriminatory double targeting. Like being target for being black and a woman. Or like being seen as a villain just because you may have run a stop sign when being black and shot in the back or getting your neck pressed on for passing a fake twenty while being black.

Can you imagine what we will see if this “divisive” tax bill passes? Limousine’s and Mercedes being pulled over for no good reason. Cops shooting rich white men in the back at the airport while trying to escape the country to stash their millions in offshore banks in the Caymans.

Yes, I’m imagining it now for you: a group of millionaire white men lying in pools of their own blood near gate number 7 at Dulles International airport trying to make the next chartered flight to the Bahamas just after Joe Biden changes his mind and passes the tax bill. One of their lobbyist lawyer’s is filming three cops sitting on the back of his rich old white client who is bleeding to death as one of the cops yells at the old man who’s face is turning blue, “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” The lobbyist lawyer then posts the video on YouTube and TikTok and it goes viral. The whole country goes up in arms. The upper-class whites take to the streets chanting Say his Name, Bill Gates! Say his Name, Bill Gates! The Oath Seekers and Proud Boys taking up donations to defend him in his death for the sake of his children. These protests remain peaceful despite the AK15s they are carrying as they walk on DC and LA’s Compton district and New York’s Harlem with the white rich, Mo and Boebert and Rudy — and Gaetz alongside his rich dad as they march down K street, protecting him from the divisive injustice done to their EEO protected class. “RLM! RLM!” they collectively chant. (Rich Lives Matter!)

Wait! Oh no, wait! I’ve taken this fantasy too far and veered off into reality.

Clearly, I’m becoming delusional thinking politicians must do something. I need to sleep well knowing Mr. Manchin has our backs preventing our country from going down in flames of divisiveness. Sleep well little Capitol building, sleep well tonight. The bill won’t be passed, the country is saved this time as Senator Manchin can’t take any more division, and you won’t be attacked again.



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