Remembering The White Terrorist Bombing of The Birmingham Church

Bren Kelly
10 min readSep 10, 2023

Dynamite and Firebombs: The Long Depravity Pattern of Organized White Domestic Terrorism

White Male Terrorists Entering and Bombing a Peaceful Black American Nieghborhood
White Male Terrorists Entering and Bombing a Peaceful Black American Neighborhood [Author scripted AI rendering of deep pattern of white terrorist bombing technique]

60 years. Four young innocent black girls died on September 15, 1963. White domestic terrorists used dynamite to blow up the church and the girls were killed in a depraved act of white terrorism. None of the white terrorists were caught and then properly prosecuted right away.

Let’s take a brief look back at this special white terrorist tactic of Bombing Americans in the twentieth century. This is one especially egregious tactics that devious white terrorists used on black Americans to not just blow up their churches, but to blow up their businesses, homes, apartments, and drive them out of the towns and counties. Bombing Americans should be considered very serious. Usually setting off bombs to blow up buildings, cars, and to hunt down Americans is very serious stuff.

Any other time and place, domestic terrorist bombings would plague the history books and the conscious of a country. Unless, of course, it’s committed by organized white American terrorists against peaceful black Americans. Then it’s just another thing left out of the history books. Whites have little appetite to remember their own terrorism.

If you even mention this historically well-documented tactic, you might get current conservative whites yelling back at you it never happened and it is a delusion of the “Dem controlled” liberal media. If that were true, everyone would know about it. But it’s an embarrassment to both parties, as these vicious white domestic terrorist acts were never prosecuted by the federal government much at all until well after they were committed.

That why it’s important to look back at some of the numerous times White Domestic Terrorism (WDT) used bombings against the “other Americans,” black Americans. Typically, the bombings were done with dynamite, but others were done with Molotov cocktails. The federal response to it all was apparently zero as none of the white terrorists were quickly caught and put on trial, and none found guilty that I know of for committing domestic terrorism. (I don’t Timothy McVeigh he directly attacked the government and not black Americans.) One of the four from the Birmingham bombing was prosecuted, but two…



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