Please Liberals, Stop Using Woke

Bren Kelly
3 min readDec 28, 2021


What is the New Phrase for 2022?

It’s 2022. Is anyone woke yet?
It’s 2022. Is anyone woke yet? — Photo by Chris Thompson on Unsplash

I’ve never been sleep. Hence the word active in activist, which describes someone on the left. Are right-wingers activists? They want to hide the fact they toe the line, mimic the party loud mouths, walk lock stop like unradical but angry zombies, get in their study group to learn their handed-down goals.

Their purpose is to cause division and to dominate politics.

Humor is not their strong point. Most lack sarcasm completely. So, the right has to cover its lack of inventiveness and originality, and design the wordy catchphrases to really get the goat of the left, to name call, to antagonize them, to name call. They slip them in a 24-hour repeat cycle on Fox news hoping they will catch on. Some do, they become hits, bantered about by the left and drolly repeated on centrist media: Woke, CRT, antifa, Cancel Culture.

Or they prop up ‘oldies’ but goodies to cause divisions and create controversies: racism, anti-racism, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, socialism, communism. These words are repeated as mantra and we knock them about among progressives, activists, liberals, people left of center.

Once they get banged about in the media and spread over all forms of it, they become twisted, mocked, abused, ridiculed, taken seriously, mocked some more. In short, they are “de-meaningized.” Kind of like demonized, in that there is no good intent. And maybe evil is the absence of meaning.

They are then kicked about like footballs, or maybe soccer balls since they get kicked. Players on the same team are shot these wordballs to each other, passing back and forth, each knee-jerk reaction sends it flying along, not wanting to take possession of it. But it turns out that Tucker slipped on the backfield and took away the net. The paid for political strategists in DC mansions and Georgetown townhomes celebrate as their words and phrases and metaphors get thrashed around. There is no goal. They smirk in gleeful triumph in a scoreless game.

The left and free thinkers, even those who don’t vote, or especially those who don’t vote, throw the words around in debate with each other, not wanting these bogus phrases to stick. The “left” is always up for debate, always catering among themselves and disagreeing with distinction. Even real intellectual debate is enough to keep people off kilter. Scoreless Score!

The right think-tankers just have to keep them chattering. They make up faux phrases to throw into the liberal mix and then laugh as it wreaks havoc. Who can unite under the weight of all their disagreement?

Instead, Chuck and Nancy appear tepid, elitist, lily-white. Ironically, they’ve been in charge forever, while House and GOP leadership keeps changing and tumbling about. Freedom Caucus! Tea Party! Trumpublicans! Stop the Steal! Who can keep up?

Meanwhile, the end of the year, the end of 2021. The Heritage Foundation GOP metaphor language makers are ginning up a new catchphrase. That Let’s Go Brandon thing they tried was stupid from the get-go and stayed on the right, where it belonged. It looked like cheap college humor of dumb frat white boys passing a bong. Yeah dude, now you’re cool. I don’t think one liberal was outraged by the dumb dud.

But I can feel it. The Foxers are getting their new phrases ready to slip from Ingram’s mouth. I know they have a bunch lined up for January 6, and something to imply blacks are whiny about January 6, and should stop being so sensitive. Blackism? CRT is kind of burned out, and BLM is stale. They love that race card, gotta keep playing it.

They are itching for a breakout hit, something divisive. Woke is so asleep. I want to get ahead on Medium. Does anyone know what it will be?

What will they rail against in 2022? Suggestions please.



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