Oh Part II: The Songs for the Hunted Thing

Bren Kelly
17 min readFeb 29, 2024

Reconfiguring the Hidden Numbers from Black History

Oh, she is watching you and she does remember what you did [The Crisis, cover, drawing by Frank Walts]

“All our hunting-songs and descriptions deal with the glory of the chase as seen and felt by the hunters. No one has visualized the psychology of the quarry, the driven, hunted thing.”

TRADES & LABOR UNION, CENTRAL TRADES & LABOR UNION, so EDW. F. MASON. LETTER) Sec’y. — Mr. Edward F. Mason, head of this powerful union, of course Democrat voting at the time, organized the meeting with express intent to “do something” about the “negro” invading their city to steel their jobs from the Southern border of their state, of The South:

“The immigration of the Southern Negro into our city for the past eight months has reached the point where drastic action must be taken if we intend to work and live peaceably in this community. Since this influx of undesirable negroes has started no less than ten thousand have come into this locality.”

I raise this point of the Union organizer calling whites together to protect “their” jobs to recall the notion of a “dual narrative,” where the duality is combination of Northern white desire for unity which leads to minimizing such white group instigated violence, and the Southern white side, where the violence emanates from, always forcefully and brutally using violence and threat of violence to repress black Americans.

One side is dominant, in charge politically and monetary, it believes, having “won” the Civil War, and it has for a long time afterwards clear organization power — such as can only be the white man in American History. The Southern conservatives — modern day MAGAs or Confederates if you like — continually abuse black Americans, using them as a primary source of cheap labor or free labor. This is clear exploitation, but the system of “state’s rights” lead to prevention of federal control.

These combined narratives make a sort of odd singular “dual narrative” of American history that continually writes and rewrites stories and event to shape and minimize any white power organized violence against innocent black Americans, staining them as somehow always “involved” equally or partially in starting the organized white violence that leads to black Americans deaths.



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