No Moral Democratic Opposition to the Ukraine Invasion

Arbeit Macht Frei — Golfing Toward Freedom

Golf Course Built Next to Dachau
Golfing Toward Dachau — Germany Readies Biden for a Hole in One — ‘Courtesy’ of Google Maps

The Prime Minister of Germany, Olaf, has a short memory. I’m talking about the early 1990s when students and adults protested Kein Blut für Öl! (no blood for oil). I was there in Germany as an American college student doing a year abroad and witnessed them marching down the streets. It was first Iraq War. Kuwait had just been easily overrun by Saddam Hussein, and America then just as easily rolled him back out with vastly superior air power. The Germans did not want themselves or Americans to have this war just for oil. In that regard it was like the current war in the Ukraine, where Putin hoped Russian forces would easily roll in but America could not easily roll them back, as Putin quickly made the nuclear threat that keeps NATO at bay.

But, of course, I’m really referring to the Nazi Holocaust. This was also easily remembered by every German and American college student in 1990. The atrocities of shoveling reams of dead bodies into mass graves are well known. At the very end of the war, they burned the Jews and some others, like gypsies, into ovens and burned them alive. Some just got piled up dead.

So, the question current German chancellor Olaf Scholz should have at the tip of his mind is Should we sacrifice our Oil (or Russian methane gas) just to prevent war?

Should we stop paying Putin directly for our gas just to punish him for starting a mass murder campaign?

Captain Olaf’s is willing to disregard morality completely for the sake of the “German miracle,” a seemingly unstoppable economy built up after World War 2 after the arduous work or clearing rubble and rebuilding had been done in the West Germany. The pride he feels for his country is completely understandable.

But the murderous atrocities and the potential for nuclear annellation won’t just stop his economy and end jobs, making him unpopular, it will end lives, it will end Germany and Europe as a whole.

He sounds ironically just like Neville Chamberlain, who capitulated to Hitler in the “Great Appeasement.” The Munich Pact of 1938 was signed by Neville and no sooner did he declare “Peace for our time.” It is now Olaf’s turn to play the fool: Oh, Putin would never invade Poland or a NATO country, and certainly not Germany.

It is the new concentration camp opened in Russia to accommodate Ukrainians stripped of the documents and shipped there that should be challenging his morality. It is the bill that Putin’s Congress passed to allow the digging of mass graves in Ukraine that should make him think twice about the serious homicidal nature — even genocidal nature — and intent of Putin that should make him think twice.

Especially since Putin’s Mass Grave Bill is intended to shovel the dead bodies of Russian soldiers into, not Ukrainians. The clear intent of Putin is just to shovel his own soldiers into mass graves to keep his war machine going smoothly. Clean up the dead bodies quickly to show how efficient his war was meant to be, and how deadly. Then show that no great Russian soldiers were killed, since the bodies won’t have time to be photographed since they were quickly shoveled in roadside ditches that served as mass graves for Russians.

Putin knew his people would die when he signed the mass grave bill.

But he also knew that Russian soldiers could be treated like cannon fodder. That’s the true thinking of a KGB agent, one who thinks of ideological war as sacrificing their own front-line teenagers to win. And to treat them like dirt.

Make no mistake though how the money flows from Germany: straight into Putin’s pocket. Gazprom, the massive Russian state controlled and majority owned company that supplies vast gas through multiple pipelines to Germany, is its main supplier. This makes Putin the Oligarch in Chief, and the only oligarch that now collects all the hard currency pouring in from Europe and Germany. It won’t be hard for Putin to buy new weapons, pay dead Russian soldier’s families $65,000 each as promised, and still have enough for a new $700 million yacht after the war ends, in case his current one docked in Italy gets impounded.

This is no metaphor. Germany directly pays Gazprom hard currency, and Putin unequivocally controls that company. He gets first dibs on that hard cash. And it’s a lot of money. No wonder the West won’t choose morals over money. Even after Germany’s own Nazi holocaust. It’s not just Germany, America, and Europe. Israel, despite having experienced the Nazi holocaust, can’t muster up enough moral courage to stand up to complete sanctions against Russia, and can’t bring itself to sell spy software to the Ukraine. This despite Putin setting up concentration camps in Russia and digging mass graves for its own soldier — facts that should scare the hell out of them.

I’ve heard no statements of opposition from Japan, recipient of the only two atomic blasts used, and thus a nation that should be vocally outraged at Putin’s threatened use of nukes, even baby nukes. Trying out new weapons, the hypersonic missiles, should bring noisy anger from them, since they know what it’s like to be experimented on. But they, of course, had their own concentration camps and killed lots of Chinese and other women and children of various nationalities in World War 2. They were hardly “better” or more immoral than the Germans (see the rape of Nanking as a good example of bad genocidal behavior).

In other words, Olaf (and his western NATO leader Cronies) is making sure Putin is still rolling in the cash — their hard cash. And they don’t care. Jobs for death. As long as “jobs” aren’t lost, genocide and slaughter can roll on, paid for directly by the Germans. If only the German people knew the Faustian bargain, he is making on their behalf.

There apparently was no moral lesson learned from the Germans from World War 2. What the hell was that all for, all that slaughter and holocaust? Where’s the sense of sacrifice you think the Europeans would have in stopping a madman fascist dictator? In not going through a Neville “the fool” Chamberlain’s capitulation strategy of ignorance? Why can’t we learn moral lessons and instead lie to ourselves for financial reasons and believe like school children that “everything will be all right” and Putin will calm down?

Even Biden in Brussels doesn’t mention the real reason to instill sanctions: Because it’s immoral to do business with a genocidal megalomaniac who is indiscriminately killing babies, children, grandmothers, women and men, and razing cities to rubble, all to satisfy his deranged notion of empire building. Probably because he doesn’t know.

Morality just doesn’t play a part in their mental calculation. Only money.

Like Hitler and Stalin, Putin is just getting started. Just ask the 3.9 million dead Ukrainians deliberately starved to death in an artificial famine Stalin created in 1932–33 to repress Ukrainian nationalism. And the “West” has forgotten why they need to stand up to dictators and what sanctions are for: taking a moral stand, not a monetary one.

The proof of their lack of moral fiber will be a Mushroom Cloud.



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