My BLM year in Review 2022

Bren Kelly
7 min readDec 26, 2022

The Originalist — A Poetic Divide

[For some inexplicable reason, this year in review came out in poetic voice, perhaps to trying to engage in underlying truths from studying our shared history through the lens of the BLM and the opposing anger of supremacy.]

The Haunted Past of the Lynching Pledge
The Haunted Past of the Lynching Pledge [Original Artwork with AI]

I’m the buried rage of America’s original intent. That Intent of violent Revolution that sprang up from a well of anger is gone, quietly snuffed out in a suffused slumber lush with the money drug. You asked me why I’m angry. I’m tired of being the white machine, churning out of violence for the entertainment of others. I can sing landscapes of illusions to manage the slow burning sadness of other races.

It’s a mistake we all made. Ending our resolve to change through loud and noisy action when silent verbs can carry more weight. But newly risen, I’m not a cheap rebellion but a steady stream of unfettered agitation seeking to shake up this long-suffering nation.

If you bend in and listen closer, you can hear me underneath the children’s song of close diversity as the black breath under the voices of all the tired and repressed:

I shoulder on in dignity in a hard tolerance of educated change where my crafted machine of golden phrases tumbles out in chains of brilliance unrehearsed only to stepped on and battered by the inevitable beating of a black baby book in the hand by of a white supremacist over my invisible face — I am but One such voice made manifest this year, 2022.

The only one he can see and attack on the Senate floor, but not the real me risen up, ready to take the stage. I am sworn in and take my place. I am Ketanji Brown Jackson, Supreme Court Justice facing down Black Santa’s and baby Ku Klux Klans. I am the formed dignity of my ancestors, the mountain of freedom I know they love and are.

I am also future present, that Second such voice to emerge this year, the anti-racist black baby stuck in that board book in the hand of Senator Cruz standing opposite Ketanji, wielded over her head like a brick, like I would fall out had I not been drawn to the page. I am not a ghost of lost potential, but a sign of unpracticed being wrapped up in the endless probabilities of a child yet unfolded under the skin of any newborn no matter what the color. I am the real…



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