Masterclass: Black Women Conduct Dignified Takedown

Bren Kelly
11 min readSep 30, 2022

A Warning for White Males Only

Lineage Based Claim
Masterclass Quizlet: Which host is getting schooled on what a “Lineage Based Claim” is by the guest in the center? [snippet from the show “rising’ on The Hill in Masterclass clip}

[Warning: satire used liberally in this discussion despite gravity of the situation being discussed]

I was given a tip on a chat that I don’t think was meant for me, a white man. Nevertheless, I secretly followed in and went over the information the participants were putting out and could instantly see why I wasn’t invited to this Masterclass. Largely because it shows a white male co-host of his own show being abjectly humiliated by the other host and the guest, both black Americans. Taken together, these two black women humiliated him! They shut down the co-host and his attempted rebuttals by rapidly dismantling the premise of his reaction while employing positive dignity. This was indeed a “masterclass.”

White men better start watching this and analyzing their techniques to try to reconstruct “the book” these women used. Because if whoever trained them spreads the secrets of this takedown, pretty soon Biden will be signing a reparation bill endorsed by Ted Cruz once from the mind-f#$K these women will be giving.


I’m convinced this whole segment was arranged in advance. That’s why I’m writing about it. I’m trying to deconstruct this segment to learn from it and be prepared. White men in the media typically take to their airwaves with the same old racist tropes with a sprinkling of new ones. They don’t seem like, as more and more black women outstrip white men in college graduation rates, they will be able to perform well in the future against this onslaught of black female dignity.

These two black women, both obviously well-versed on the topic and having studied the Lemon clip, seem to well composed and may have arranged their joint responses the night before in a huddle session. I’m not saying that I have sympathy for this white guy co-host, who clearly looks like he was brought on as a prop or a tool. Only that this segment has the appearance of being ‘pre-planned’ by the guest and the black female host — how else could this “masterclass” have been given? Natural talent and born intelligence amplified by education? Well, that could be the case, clearly it probably is. But no preparation? I’m not so sure.

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