Governor Abbott’s Welcome Black to School

Bren Kelly
3 min readAug 24, 2022

Post Uvalde Massacre Consequences

Rosa Parks getting arrested for being black and beautiful
Rosa would have only had to go to school today to get arrested by cops

Welcome back to school black Americans. Uvalde is not the main threat to black Americans, but the consequences of it will be felt mostly by blacks. Courtesy of white politicians. Ever since Uvalde, where 376 cops (so-called “good guys with guns”) failed to stop one shooter with an assault rifle, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas took this election year opportunity to do what only is logical to Texas parents: put more cops in the schools.

Will the usual happen: More cops in schools means twice as high arrest rates for black Americans, creating debilitating records for minor non-crimes?

Yes, of course. That has got to be the default answer for adding more cops to a systemically racist state that has never been de-systemized. Yes, there will be more guns in schools when you put more cops in schools. So that won’t be good. But all the non-training and non-bravery will keep showing up on the job. The only bravery cops to others show is when increasing arrest rates for black American school children.

People (like you know, mainly whites) often ask: what does Systemic racism look like? Ok, they don’t ask, at least from what I’ve seen and read, but there are plenty of accusations I’ve read about this person or that person saying, “I’m not racist.” At school board meetings, at town halls, at grocery stores. Everywhere it seems, but certainly across the internet.

So now you can point out a reasonable response: “You yourself might never have said anything, but the cops in schools arrest black students all the time, like more than twice as much as white kids. And that arrest record ruins their life and stigmatizes them. Do you support getting the cops out of schools?”

If they answer “No, they are keeping my kids safe.” Then answer, “Would you support a law that made sure no arrest record was written for kids arrested by cops in schools?” That answer should be Yes. Not “Whatabout.” (What about if the student had a gun? What about if the six-year-old black girl deserved it?)

But yes. “Yes, absolutely you should.” It’s a start at addressing systemic racism, because the cops are the center of the system, they are the encounter most people have with the force of the system. And they are…



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