Governor Abbott Reveals Brilliant Strategy to Win the White House

The Biden-Abbott 2024 Match Up is Over Already

Gov. Abbott Just Put Hist Boot in the Ring — Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

It was an amazing display of local, state, and federal government cooperation: police officials at all levels coordinated to successfully free all hostages unharmed at a North Texas Jewish synagogue. Even more incredible when you stop and think this was in a very conservative city-area (Dallas-Fort Worth), in red state Texas, and with Blue President Biden. As I’ve reported before, the Texas governor has been showing some distinctly socialist tendencies (see links below).

Now we know why: His distinct strategy took two main tactics to invade Biden’s voters by appealing to centrist aspirations in the next election.

First, in his tweet, he showed his compassion by expressing simple Christian values to whites sick of Trump’s fake alignment with the religious right: “Prayers answered” he tweeted. Trump was never religious and his display of the Bible in front of a church across the street from the White House after using federal troops to clear peaceful protestors violently from his path, didn’t fool regular suburban “soccer mom” Baptists, evangelicals or Mormons.

Even a few “hard right” evangelicals were upset. Trump took their vote for granted, forgetting that George W. Bush only branded them “far right” recently, to get more white votes in the 2000 election. The 2004 election he continued to repeat it and the media acted as his inadvertent megaphone that cemented them in place.

Before that time, many of them were just floating around the spectrum. Once he took office, the preachers and media continually reminded us they belonged to the “far” right, preventing what is known as “drift back” — when a group of voters are positioned at the center and not at an extreme, allowing them to easily moving away to the invisible line in the center and vote the other party whenever they want to drift.

Many of them saw through Trump’s distinctly non-Jesus like values and were threatening to vote on the left, causing “extreme group shift” — when the voters are so sick the anti-display of party values and labelled as extremists who can no longer go back to the center because it doesn’t exist for them. Trump and media made it seem like there are only extremes, only polarization. The excessive containment of drift back by creating another far right group of extremists, Trumps “base,” has gutted the center. It takes tremendous force to jump this created empty canyon, especially because on the other side of this mental chasm are extremists (Socialists! Communists!, Anti-Racists, antifa, Dems killing our country) and who knows how those political “foreigners” will treat you.

Trump was such a massive immoral force, it seems give “quiet” but moral white Christians little choice. Better to be extremist on the opposite side. Extremists at least can agree to protect their core values, so they can respect each other in that regard. In this case, they figured “socialists” and “communists” on the other side at least have values Jesus had of taking care of others with their policies. So, on a logical emotional level, they might even care about them and welcome them.

However, by de-escalating extremist values, “Prayers Answered,” Abbott announces only vague religious values, and that center is open for arrival again as he will slowly tact centrist.

Two, Gov. Abbott also noted that in his tweet that “all hostages are out alive and safe.” Again, a deliberately terse statement that says more than in lets on. He shows all branches worked together to save Jews.

That may sound a bit prejudice to mention ethnicity of the hostages, but we to think about Trump, two Jewish synagogue attacks of 2018 and 2019. This time with complete cooperation that resulted in no hostage deaths, unlike the other two. He showed restraint in bragging, which shows he can operate on all three levels of government (federal, state, local) without letting policy and violent political rhetoric get in the way. This is exactly what centrists’ voters in both parties want, especially when it comes to saving lives.

It also shows his commitment to doing, not talking. He knows everyone in the South likes Texas, ever since the Lone State succeed from the America to join the Confederate states back in February 1865. And Abbott can’t afford to be a Trump: a loud, gregarious Northerner, out for himself, through friends and family and allies under the bus. Those are Northern, Yankee values. Southern appreciate the quiet ranger, not the loud ranger.

Thus, he’s branding himself without speaking a different type of “law-and-order” president. Justice — his type of law and order — is swift but it happens — a dead Muslim hostage-taker. He doesn’t have to mention the religious background of the assailant; his terseness says it all to them.

He also saved the taxpayer a ton of money, because a criminal in jail on death row is very expensive, more expensive then locking them up for life, which he’s learned through experience as overseeing the state with the highest number and rate of death row inmates and death penalty executions. Trump showed, no fiscal constraint, brought up the debt, unlike Obama and Clinton who brought it down.

Biden is weak, old, and can’t overcome that branding, even on the hard left, let alone the center. He will lose. It takes a centrist Republican to win. Trump will only activate the leftist and deepen the chasm, causing an even more massive loss by reminding hesitant evangelicals to “jump the chasm.”

If Abbott keeps showing us restraint, keeps opening the center back up, and displays fiscal centrists values Clinton and Obama used, he will win. And the Lone Ranger will ride again (just without Tonto, because, you know, that would be racist, and the new Texas CRT law will have erased him from the history books anyway).



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