Forcing Black Leaders to Panhandle For Points

Please, I need only $12 to Win the Election

A few more dollars, and I can win.
Friend, just a few more dollars and I catch them in the polls. Selling out Civil Rights Dignity for Papa Joe. Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

It’s disgusting and embarrassing. There I said that, too. Hear me out. When I gave my money free willingly after writing about black women, I didn’t regret it, but I also didn’t expect what would happen next. I started to get a few texts from Senate candidate Val Demmings of Florida, first thank me, then asking me for $20 more dollars…



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Bren Kelly

Bren Kelly


Engaged in new Ideas and old Inequalities, putting the system back into systemic, born on the 50th Anniversary of Women's Lib Day, still seeking injustices.