Boebert Accuses Texas Governor Abbott of Changing Election (sort of)

Bren Kelly
2 min readOct 29, 2021


Keep Blue State Legal Marijuana Republicans out of Our Red States

Boebert’s Colorado Army Preparing to Invade Texas to Seize 2020 Ballets — Photo by Grav on Unsplash

That’s correct. One-term Representative of Colorado, GED fresh in one hand, pistol in the other, says elections were carried out unconstitutionally. Representative Boebert claims that some states changed their election procedures unconstitutionally.

Texas is one of the states that violated the constitution, according to her, by changing how the election was carried out. They put ballot boxes out. You might remember how our great Governor Greg Abbot wanted to put only one election ballot box in each county. He was by-passing the state constitution she is saying. She may be right!

She is dividing her own party though, defending her Blue State, but accusing the GOP red states like Texas and Arkansas who changed the election process, fooling around with ballot boxes and such just before the 2020 election. And sure, the result, Trump won the state.

Now, is she implying Biden really won or that there should be a recount? Or are you Ms. Boebert inferring that an audit would be best for Texas as on the ballot was Ted Cruz who won? Or are you undermining his victory by accusing Abbott of changing the ballot boxes and other shenanigans in how ballots were collected? I definitely think so.

This is the problem with Colorado politicians like her blasting away at Texas. Colorado is a state where there is too much legal marijuana. Boebert’s gun range should be reviewed for overgrown ‘weeds,’ but it can’t be. It would infringe on her freedom, and we in Texas wouldn’t want that. We respect freedom. And she is infringing on ours.

Truth be told, I don’t mind a recount. I’m certain Biden won by a large margin. And I don’t want Trump’s victory or Cruz’s overturned. They say the red rural counties are what tipped the vote. That’s largely because liberals believe the story that West Texas is densely populated rather than sparsely populated. You could fit all of West Texas into Austin, a blue city, and still have room for Austinites. Ask Gregg Abbott, he lives there.

Folks, don’t let her bait her you. We in Texas are transparent and democratic and Greg Abbott our Governor would never let American ballots go into some Tupperware container. It’s a Chinese company now. No Chinese boxes, even transparent, are worthy of American ballots.

Ms. Boebert, stay out of our state and our Texas constitution. Look in your own backyard. But then again may not. You might start pulling out more of those funny legal green weeds.



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