Biden Just Betrayed Black Americans

Bren Kelly
5 min readMay 17, 2022

Declaring Actual War On Actual African Blacks

The Tomb of the Unknown Black American Victims — killed by known terrorists — 1865–1946 (and perhaps onwards)
The Tomb of the Unknown Black American Victims, real American Soldiers — “Lost” in the American Racist Lynching War, killed by known terrorists — 1865–1946 (and perhaps onwards) — Photo by Philippa Rose-Tite on Unsplash

It’s easier to back pedal than to forward pedal.

One a day of national mourning after the Buffalo massacre in my hometown, little reflection was given by Biden before declaring war on blacks. No, I mean literal war on blacks. First, he gave off some run of the mill remarks about how horrible this all is, the racist massacre, and then the next day he announces war in black Africa, Somalia. He will send in troops to fight and kill blacks in a Black Country that was just run by a Somalian American from Buffalo, because, you know, blacks lives matter.

The “optics” was something we thought he cared about, like hugging a black woman after she became the first black American woman on the Supreme Court. But we forget what a well-practiced and greasy politician Biden is. He’s been playing this game for 50 years, and to him it is indeed a game.

Blacks have for those decades come to see and wear the continental map of Africa as a symbol of many things. They haven’t told me, and this is a bad way to ask, in a crisis, but I should, so please let me know. To me, it looks like a symbol of unity, of connection to a deep spiritual past, of togetherness and solidarity with other Black American descendants of slaves, and, somehow, of hope.

Sure, that’s just my interpretation as a white person who has seen it more and more displayed over the decades, on T-shirts, pins, necklaces, countless areas and displays. And you of churches, like the AME, founded in 1816 in America as the African Methodist Episcopal Church. It’s right there in the name.

If you want to respect blacks, try invading and declaring war on a white nation instead of a black one Mr. Biden. Africa is a real place, with real people determining and struggling who should run their country. It’s a mess, sure, but it’s their mess. Stop pretending that 20 years of occupation is not colonization, because that is exactly what you aim to do in Somalia. But no, because they’re like Afghans, uncivilized and dirty terrorists.

Instead of sending $40 billion dollars to rebuild Somalia and recognizing their humanity, which would actually build the whole country Somalia four times over, Biden is sends troops to kill “terrorists,” because, you know, they’re not white.

Did he say he wanted to declare war on American terrorists when the FBI issued a report in 2018 that declared 95% of terrorists acts in an American were done by white male supremacists? Was it on his candidacy primary platform when he ran, ending the war on black American by white supremacist terrorists in America? Was it one of the first things he promised in his inauguration speech to a “wounded” and “divided” country? “I, Joe Biden, will heal this nation by stopping dirty white terrorists killing our respectful black citizens and prosecute those terrorists invading the Capitol, where Democracy is practiced, where Confederate racist flags were just planted by filthy white terrorists?”

The Somalians, like the black Americans (ADoS) are deserving of help, not bullets. The whites in Ukraine, they are worth $40 billion. Stopping white terrorist supremacists in America, maybe one or two billion? No, not even a promise of some loose change like that? Not even that little for your fellow black Americans? Or do you think they just want a warm hug?

Sure, in both cases it’s about military “aid”, pentagon money for American contractors, all white, living 100% off taxpayers' money from America and from foreign countries’ taxpayers — the ultimate white socialist machine, no free market and anti-capitalist white machine posing as fake free-market capitalists. Because to them, those contractors like Northrup Grumman and Lockheed, no lives matter, only profit that is taxpayer dollar. But that is the clear reason why Biden is actually worse than Trump — which I say as liberal. Because at least we knew where Trump stood on black issues.

The former fire commissioner in Buffalo, Mr. Garnell Whitfield, a Blackman who earned his way up to dignity and I’m sure made his mother proud, saw his mother, Ruth Whitfield, an older black woman, massacred (or “lost” as white media says) in the shooting. Mr. Whitfield “expressed” “frustration” (more white media code) that many Black “residents” (funny, I call them Americans) “feel after yet another racist mass killing.”

(I won’t list all the black American massacres over the last one hundred and 157 years since the Civil War after emancipation when white union soldiers were sent down to — in theory — protect freed black Americans, because it’s very long and I don’t think I need to add the time of slavery, because, you know, it was even worse).

Instead, let’s hear from the victim’s son:

“You expect us to keep doing this over and over again, forgive and forget. While the people we elect and trust in offices around this country do their best not to protect us, not to consider us equal.”

And, we can now add, those leaders chose a war on African blacks instead of the homegrown white terrorists their own federal police the force at the FBI have already investigated and in 2019. Then that year politicians were finally forced to issue another symbolic bill in Congress that will never pass the next year. (Apologies, wrong reference, here is 2019 FBI report not the 2012 — gosh, they keep have so many.)

Demand Justice for Ms. Whitfield. Demand ten million dollars for all the blacks killed at Tops, and from now on by American racist terrorists the next day, automatically. Invest in fighting homegrown terrorist who are senselessly killing good, retired American women like her, who are right now plodding more murders. Instead of declaring war against her ancestors, Mr. Biden, declare war against the terrorists who killed her.

Demand Justice and show old Joe you are canceling your vote until it is served. I will.

Wait, wait, sorry, let’s just hear from Mr. Whitfield one more time, in honor of his pain and his mother:

“You expect us to keep doing this over and over again, forgive and forget. While the people we elect and trust in offices around this country do their best not to protect us, not to consider us equal.”



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