African Charles the Black

Bren Kelly
6 min readSep 16, 2022

Part II: A Thought Experiment for Respectful Black Americans from a White Guy

When I start to fire, you boys get behind me. How the invaders ripped about the African citizens and occupied them.
Dignity and admiration of technical firepower: How the savage invaders ripped about the Africans. {there is not ‘after’ picture; Courtesy of Wiki]

If you really want to get the sense of the supremacist system, try a social experiment. With a straight face, start calling the new king of England “African Charles the Black.” Start with some of your American family and friends and ask them what they think about the new King of Britain, “African Charles the Black.” Keep a straight and serious face when asking so you can watch for their reaction. Don’t explain the phrase at all. Just repeat it blankly if needed without explaining. Their reaction is key.

This is a social thought experiment. Then try it on some different “foreigners,” or some white Americans if you are black. Ideally some British and Nigerians and Kenyans would be good to try, some subcontinent Indians are excellent as well. Keep a straight face and if they ask you, “Why did you call him that?” Don’t answer. Just respond, “So, what do you think of him?” like nothing happened. Let me know how it goes in the comments. The aim is to see something, something like a “systemic” reaction.


Now, if you’re still respectful toward the Queen of Britain after her death, and read Part I, let’s get into some more background to inspire you to write and think deeper. The King’s armies and corporations used roving Maxim Guns to annihilate black Africans. The Guns were such a powerful invention it was like using tactical nuclear weapons against a Smith and Wesson revolver on the hip of a cowboy: “although Zulu, Dervish, Herero, Ndebele, and Boer forces vastly outnumbered British settlers, all were rendered helpless in the face of the machine gun’s phenomenal firepower.” [John Ellis, The Social History of the Machine Gun]

In one instance, the British soldiers were sleeping when a troop of native Africans, the Ndebele, tried to surprise them at nighttime when asleep to drive this vicious white invading force out of their country in South Africa. But a night watchmen rang a warning bell, as the story goes, and some soldiers popped out of bed, cranked up the Maxim gun, and mowed down about 1500 Africans with a loss of just 4 Brits, apparently because it was a surprise attack. Who knows how many tens or hundreds of thousands of Africans got bullets shoot through them and were torn to shreds by this machine…

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