Liberal White Suffering No Longer Necessary

This is Flag The Union Army Fought Under Against Racism
This is Flag the Union Army Fought Under To Defeat Racism

This White Man now has no problem speaking out thanks to Condi Rice. Her comments were on unforeseen by me on this issue but unexpectedly liberating. I don’t have to suffer “White Guilt” anymore and I do feel it’s time I give it up…

Trapped in A U.S. Sanctioned Afghan Love Prison

The Love Prisons of Taliban Law

So, this is not about a metaphoric prison. This is about an actual prison. The point here is that when we think about whether what we did in Afghanistan, and how we withdrew, is right or proper has nothing to with, well, Afghanistan. Not only was the outcome never in…

Games of Hope We Play in the Middle of Trump’s Night

The title is a line from a song by the Alan Parsons Project, Games People Play. It was haunting to me as a child, forecasting a future of middle age when the children are grown and gone, and “nobody…

Polite White Protest Group Seeks Solace and Remorse for Upsetting Democracy

Privileged Tourist-Protesters Take Pictures During Historic Vote

Privileged Tourist-Protesters Snap Selfies During Historic Vote

This just in: Today angry whites storm the barricades at the Capitol Building. Despite a smattering of armed police forces protecting it, they are reported to make it “violently” through four barriers…

Sealing the Victory of Trump’s Gains

An abandoned factory

— “Some of those that burn crosses are the same that hold office” — Rage Against the Machine, Zack de la Rocha when playing live

As VP Mike Pence blessed 11 GOP senators’ defection on January 2, 2021 to what appears to be the…

Working At White Privilege is Hard, Not Accidental

IT HELPS TO BE HELD UP BY YOUR WHITE DAD — Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

A lot of people don’t understand that it is not because white is not the default race in America that it deserves privilege. So-called white privilege must be continuously earned, upgraded, and promoted. You can’t just be born white. You have to prove it and show it off.

But just…

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Engaged in New Ideas, New recipes, Study of Class, Race and Inequality, Born on the 50th Anniversary of Women's Lib Day, seeking injustices.

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